Harness Gravity


Harnessing Gravity – A Potential Energy Source

While doing simple work, oh it seems so mundane; alongside incoming thoughts that others will at first, find insane!

Into this transitional reality we let our higher imagination materialize and partially transpire; while unknowingly suppressing through self ego, the full remembrance of any memory, preventing this from becoming the life all desire.

For fear if we let it be known, what was really about all this chatter; we’d cease to exist in this current state of energy called matter.

So we continue playing the game, in lieu of knowing that when perceived from the outside as a whole, all can easily and orderly be understood; but when viewed as a separate part consisting of many parts; becomes complicated, chaotic, and appears insane ~ exactly as it should.

Throughout eternity, each choosing to reappear from imagination to reside; existing either as a separated being from within; or as the whole of experience, enacting from outside.

A toroidal of energy, moving through space in ever changing states… this “harness of gravity”; forever it creates.

Is it possible to Harness the Power of Gravity?

Gravity is a powerful force of nature that has the potential to be a renewable energy source. By harnessing gravity, we can create electricity and power our homes, businesses, and vehicles. On this site, we discuss how to harness gravity as an energy source and the various ways it can be used to generate electricity. We also explore the potential of using gravity as a force for powering machinery and other devices. Ultimately, the intent is to show how this technology could be used in the future to create a more sustainable energy system.

Stay tuned as we venture into all of the possibilities of “using gravity to generate electricity”!